Conference Presentations 2013

Please note:  Not all sessions are currently available online.

Keynote 1:    Find Trouble Before Trouble Finds You


Keynote 2:    We Don't Need a Better Hard Hat


Session 1A:  Burn Injury: The Emotional Trauma (not available)


Session 1B:  How is My Driving?


Session 2A:  JHSC Committees: Beyond the Basics


Session 2B:  Cyber Security


Session 2C: Sharing the Road with Motorcycles


Session 3A: Incident Investigation (not available)

Session 3B:  Arc Flash Protection


Session 3C:  Nutrition and Wellness (not available)  


Session 4:    Workplace Bullying


Session 5:    Mind Matters


Session 6:    Mindfulness


Session 7:    Looking for Due Diligence After the Fact